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The OAR Story

A Vision for Uninterrupted Cash Flow

OAR was conceived with a singular, vital mission: to ensure that companies get paid on time, every time.

Leveraging years of expertise in the commercial debt recovery sector, we've developed an Accounts Receivable process that not only prioritises, but guarantees timely payments.

Solving that other blocker - Vendor Onboarding - a process often used to slow down payment to SMEs. OAR now offers a fast-track Vendor Onboarding service to expedite your entry into new business partnerships.

We've seen, managed, and solved the complexities that arise in the debtor-creditor relationship, so we know the pain points intimately. With OAR, you're not just outsourcing a task; you're partnering with seasoned experts committed to securing a consistent revenue stream from your valued customers.

So, while you focus on what you do best—running your core business—we ensure that your invoices don't just get sent but get settled.

Trust OAR, because when we say we'll get your customers paying on time, we mean it.


Giles Goodman

commercial intervention officer

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Commercial Intervention Officer, Giles Goodman is the authority in Accounts Receivable, commercial debt recovery, and dispute resolution. With 25+ years in the industry, he specializes in averting account defaults and rejuvenating overdue balances.

  • Specialisation: AR, Debt & Legal Recovery, Dispute Resolution&l
  • Demonstrated history of turning around wayward overdue accounts, preventing them from defaulting.
  • Works closely with Director of Accounts Receivable, Kateryna Yermolenko, to guarantee a healthy cash flow for clients.
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Kateryna Yermolenko

Director Accounts Receivable

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Director of Accounts Receivable Kateryna Yermolenko is the financial powerhouse of OAR, responsible for millions in monthly invoice collections and shaping the financial future of our SME clientele.

  • Specialisation: Invoice Management & Timely Collections
  • Works in partnership with the Commercial Intervention Officer to ensure an all-encompassing AR solution.
  • Expert in securing prompt payments from Fortune 100 companies

Svitlana Symonovych

director vendor onboarding

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Director of Vendor Onboarding Svitlana Symonovych is the catalyst who speeds up vendor onboarding, enabling faster payments and smoother sales processes.

  • Specialisation: Accelerated Vendor Onboarding
  • In-depth familiarity with all major vendor registration platforms.
  • Streamlines pre- and post-sales onboarding, removing roadblocks that hinder sales and payments.
  • Acts as a vital resource for sales teams encountering slow-moving compliance and vendor onboarding scenarios.


Our Service

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Results-Driven Approach

Our results-driven approach is at the heart of our commitment to delivering measurable financial success for your business.

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Complete Solution

Our complete solution encompasses every aspect of accounts receivables, ensuring comprehensive financial excellence for your organisation.
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Global Reach, Personal Touch

With a global reach and a personal touch, we bring financial expertise from around the world to meet your unique needs.
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Compliance and Security

Compliance and security are our top priorities, safeguarding your financial operations with unwavering dedication.
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Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach is the compass that guides us, ensuring your financial goals remain at the heart of every strategy we implement.
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Bolt-on Service

Our bolt-on service, also known as a white-label service, seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhancing your financial capabilities without disruption.
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Take control of your cash flow.

Streamline Vendor Onboarding & Boost Payments Worldwide.

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