Payment Related Queries:

What types of companies does OAR serve?

We primarily focus on serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a B2B business model.

How does OAR handle late payments?

Our trained specialists take timely and appropriate actions, such as defining effective strategies to sending reminders and notices and calling debtors daily to ensure that late payments are resolved at the earliest.

What is the OAR process for ensuring timely payments?

Vendor Onboarding Questions:

Is pre-sales vendor onboarding possible?

Which Vendor Onboarding platforms are you familiar with?

We are well-versed in various platforms such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, and Jaggaer, among others.

What does the Vendor Onboarding service include?

From document collection to compliance verifications, our Vendor Onboarding service manages every step of the process, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Compliance and Legal Queries:

Do you handle international compliance?

Is my data secure with OAR?

Pre and Post-Sales Support:

What does after-sales support include?

How does OAR support pre-sales?

Additional Services:

How do I get started with OAR?

Do you offer any discounts or packages?

What other services does OAR offer?

Technical Queries:

Do I need to install any software?

No, our services are accessible online without the need for any installations

Is OAR software or a cloud-based solution?

Customer Service:

How do I reach customer support?

What are your customer service hours?

General Questions:

What is OAR’s future roadmap?

What languages does OAR support?

Do you have any customer testimonials?

What makes OAR different from competitors?

Can OAR handle multi-currency transactions?

Is OAR a global service?

How long has OAR been in business?

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